Writing Email Copy That Captivates

June 01, 2016

Email copy

Sick of being bombarded with tons of emails every day? Most of us are — which is why it can be challenging to get anyone to actually open and read the emails you send. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here are a few easy tips for writing email copy that will catch people’s attention, and make them excited to read what you have to say.


Write a Compelling Subject Line

One of the most important parts of writing effective email copy is crafting the perfect subject line. Without an interesting subject line, people are unlikely to even open your email. A good subject line often has a call to action. For example, subject lines such as, “Where to Get Coffee Right Now,” or “10 Ways to Transform a Dresser,” tell the recipient right away what they can do with the information in that email.

Make it Relevant

Generic promotional emails often leave people wondering, why did I get this, and how can I benefit from it? Therefore, it is important to immediately inform the recipient why the email was sent to them in the first place. For example, an email might start with, “This is a reminder that your subscription will end soon,” and continue by asking the user if he would like to renew. If the recipients are told upfront why the information in the message is relevant to them, they will be much more interested and likely to click through the email.

Focus on the Benefits

People always want to know what’s in it for them, and how your offering can make their lives better. To do this, it’s important to highlight the benefits that your business offers, rather than simply selling the features of the product or service itself. You can also demonstrate the benefits of your offer in the form of a problem that your business can help to avoid. However, the most important step you can take is to let people benefit immediately from reading your email by sharing a helpful tip or fun fact. This small gesture will brighten people’s day, and keep them coming back for more.

Be Clear and Concise

Although creativity can help an email stand out in an inbox, clarity must always come first. Furthermore, studies show that emails that focus on a single call to action have better click-through rates than emails with multiple agendas. Before you start crafting an email, be sure to clarify the goal of your message, and also identify how the reader can benefit. No one wants to read a long, wordy email, so keep it brief and allow interested recipients to click through a link for more information. Hint: The more links you add in your email, the greater chance of people clicking through!


According to the Aberdeen Group, personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14 percent. Everyone is different and so are your customers. Therefore, high segmentation is a key element to connecting with your target audience. To effectively personalize emails, use different subject lines for each customer segment, write in the second person, and ask questions. Develop a natural, enthusiastic voice with personality and write as if you’re only emailing one person. This personable tone will help you engage customers and allow them to build a positive relationship with your brand.

Granted, it isn’t easy to write emails that produce results, but applying these proven strategies will help you attract reader’s attention. However, the process can prove to be time consuming and frustrating, especially for someone who does not have a marketing background. If you find yourself in need of professional assistance, we are here to help. The expertise of our South Florida marketing agency is invaluable for crafting emails that will extend your reach and increase profitability, while saving you time and energy. To learn more, call us today.

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