Venetian Pointe

Marketing, art direction


When the builders launched the Venetian Pointe community, they decided to work with a large agency that they'd previously engaged. Unfortunately, the ad agency became part of a larger company who no longer catered to smaller builders and developers. Finding themselves with no ad agency, they began to conduct interviews.

At that time, Keenability was not selected as Zuckerman's new agency of record. Instead, Venetian Pointe would be marketed by an agency located on the same coast as the community. The builder felt that working with a local agency would give them an advantage.

Fast forward a year, and there was a problem: despite the right coast, the marketing was wrong. It wasn't working as the client had hoped, and they desperately needed a change as home sales continued to stall.

In mid-May of 2019, Keenability scrambled into high gear. There were already deadlines established, only two weeks away. The first order of business was analyzing a large set of data that pointed to purchase patterns that had never been considered.

Aside from the dated design, there was a far more significant problem that touched on every aspect of the marketing-- there was no strategy to tie the initiatives together. Keenability had to create new campaigns to deliver the correct message via direct mail, digital media, social media, and print.

The audience that had previously been targeted was not the right buyer for the community. Considerable money has been spent to get unqualified people through the sales center. There was also an on-site problem, which Keenability took an active role in fixing. The on-site sales team wasn't delivering the right messaging to site visitors. Keenability rectified ALL marketing during the summer months, just in time for the big seasonal selling months.

Notwithstanding the short period that has passed, phenomenal results have been attributed to the new marketing strategy and materials. Not only has qualified traffic nearly tripled, but Zuckerman Homes has also been able to save money by more accurately targeting their media spend.