Braman Mini



From the sprawling paved driveways of Wellington to climate-controlled garages adjacent to the oceanside mansions that dot A1A, the Braman Motorcars logo adorns the finest BMWs, Porsches, Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, and MINIs of Palm Beach County. Braman’s is a brand that has been synonymous with service and quality for decades--and has led to unprecedented success, ranking third nationally for average revenue per dealership in 2017. This gold standard for prosperity led Braman Motorcars to Keenability, who provided a few gallons of high octane marketing for Braman MINI of Palm Beach’s 2019 “Summer of MINI” initiative.

“Based on their performance in transforming the Club Braman Magazine, we entrusted Keenability to lead the Summer of MINI initiative. Their team took on all aspects of marketing the dealership over this period, and worked closely with the MINI of Palm Beach team toward our goals. We greatly appreciated their communication, creativity, and strategic direction throughout the Summer of MINI.”

– Danny Bayard


Braman MINI of Palm Beach had been experiencing a decline in sales over the first half of the year. The cars were popular among the 65+ age group, but the dealership’s marketing needed a tune-up to attract a younger demographic. To supercharge sales and success, the Summer of MINI required a multimedia campaign involving print, radio, digital, and event marketing, as well as the establishment of a new, sponsored club for current and prospective owners—dubbed the MINI Club of South Florida.

Deliverables included:

- Design of digital, direct mail, and print creative as well aspoint-of-sale collateral

- Design of club logo and collateral

- Management of promotional campaigns and budget across search engines,social media, remarketing, and third-party vendors

- Design and management of targeted email marketing blasts

- Event conceptualization, promotion, and execution

- Overall strategicdirection of the Summer of MINI

Detailed reporting, accurate ROI tracking, and open communication would be essential due to the project's scope. Throughout the 90 day period, the Keenability and Braman teams regularly met face-to-face to discuss efforts, effects, and proactively plan ahead.

The results were immediate.


Within the first 30 days of the Summer of MINI campaign, Keenability accomplished the following:

However, this was only the beginning. Over the 90-day campaign, Keenability executed 29 email blasts, seven events, five radio ads, three photoshoots, two direct mail sends, and a multitude of collateral, digital, print, and video assets.

The final ROI came to 106%. The MINI Club of South Florida now enjoys over 100 members. And over the course of the campaign, the average MINI of Palm Beach buyer’s age decreased by five years.

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