Andrea Staples

Brand, marketing, art direction

Andrea Staples, a flourishing real estate agent in Fredericksburg and Stafford, VA, realized that she could provide a better real estate experience than what she observed in the area. She made it her mission to focus solely on her approach to selling and buying homes — which is always to have the client’s best interests at heart.


Keenability's goal throughout the branding strategy was to creatively communicate the value that Andrea brings to potential home buyers and sellers. Her brand needed to have a professional yet approachable feel followed by constant marketing campaigns. Once the Team Staples logo was born, Keenability focused on creating a diverse portfolio of branded collateral, including a six-month-long farming campaign. The campaign focused on consistently producing direct mail pieces that provided the targeted audience with relevant information creatively and uniquely. The farming campaign allowed Andrea to establish herself as a familiar presence and successful real estate agent within the area.


She knows her bright and cheery personality combined with a dedication to providing her clients the best real estate experience is what makes her such a successful agent. She also knew she was at a point in her career where she needed to present herself and her brand in a more polished and strategic fashion. So, she enlisted the help of Keenability.


When Andrea became a full-time real estate agent, she quickly put together a generic site to market her listings. Now that she had a rapidly expanding clientele base, the front end of the outdated and complicated website needed a redesign. The website development process began with an intensive wireframe design process to ensure a beautiful, branded, and functional website with a seamless user experience from start to finish.