WordCamp Miami 2016

January 15, 2016

Wordcamp miami 2016

WordCamps are  locally-organized instructional conferences that cover everything related to WordPress. WordPress is an open-source publishing platform that currently powers over 75 million sites throughout the world.

WordCamp offers a wide range of workshops for both beginners and experience developers.  WordCamp Miami has be an a annual event in South Florida for the past 8 years, and has grown from 150 to 770 attendees over the the last several years.

The conference is not just limited to WordPress, but also covers a variety of different topics including; blogging, content creation, SEO, design, marketing, and other developer related topics. It is currently the longest running non-profit tech conference in South Florida, and is attracting new sponsors and professionals from  the South Florida area.

Sessions generally span a wide range of formats, including: lectures, live demos, Q&A, workshops, ignite-style lighting presentations, panels, interviews, and pretty much any type of presentation  that you can  imagine.

WordCamps are not designed to be fancy, over the top, or expensive. They are  community-based organized gatherings that are affordable and educational for all things WordPress. The conference allows people from a variety of professional settings to meet and share their knowledge of WordPress and all that it has to offer.

Because it is a non-profit initiative, the events are only possible through donations and sponsorships. Ticket prices are very low, $35 for general admission. Workshops and other special events carry a spirit charge, but the amount of information someone can gain is well worth the extra money.

This year, Florida International University will be hosting the conference and it is set to take place February 19th through the 21st. For more information on tickets, workshops, and hotels please visit HERE.

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