How to Win Google’s Popularity Contest

June 16, 2016

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In any competition, everyone wants to come out on top, and Google searches are no different. Just like there can only be one winner on The Voice, there can only be one website at the top of Google’s search results. So how can you make sure that your website comes out on top? Think like you are running for president. The more popular you become, the better chance you have of winning. Here are a few tips to make sure that your website stands out from other candidates, and achieves top rankings on Google.

Make More Connections

The same way that networking can help you make more connections in the real world, it can also help you on the world wide web. The reason for this is because of PageRank, Google’s unique algorithm for determining the order of search results. It works by evaluating the quality and quantity of links to a webpage, and then ranks these pages in order of their perceived importance. Therefore, the more inbound links (links to your website on another website) that your site has, the more important Google will think it is. Aim to get as many people as possible to link directly from your website in order to build up your reputation. Fun fact:, and Adobe Reader Download are the sites with the highest volume of inbound links on the Internet.

Use the News to Your Advantage

We all know that the media is highly involved in advocating for presidential candidates, and the same can be true for your website. Press releases offer a great opportunity to increase traffic to your site. Be sure to include keywords that someone would use to search for a business like yours. Also, include links to pages on your site, so that when the press release is distributed to high traffic news websites, users will be directed to your page. This will help improve your PageRank score, which will in turn increase your chances of getting attention on Google.

Gain a Strong Following

Not only do social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn serve as a great means of promotion for any business or organization, they can also help to improve the number of hits on your website. Sharing links to your website on social media allows you to create an infinite amount of inbound links. This practice will give your followers the opportunity to share your links with their followers, who can share them with their followers, who can share them with their followers, and well, you get the point.

Boost Your Own Image

In presidential campaigns, the candidates seek to present a favorable image of themselves to the public. You should do the same for your website — not just once every four years, but all the time. Not all links have to be external to optimize your search engine results; links within your own website help, too. You can never have too many, so link pages of your website together as much as possible. For example, if you have a blog, you can link one article to other related articles or important pages on your website to boost your PageRank.

These are just a few of the ways that search engine optimization can improve the ranking of your website. However, the foolproof way to ensure that your website gets noticed is to work with an experienced marketing professional. Give our South Florida marketing agency a call today, and we’ll make sure your website is fit to win the Google search race.

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