Why your development needs high-end marketing to stand out

August 13, 2015

Construction and new developments are booming, especially in the Sunshine State’s most desirable coastal locations. From Jupiter to South Beach, new communities are running rampant, and it’s about time that their marketing catches up.


Stand out, don’t fit in

Residential developments and communities, most notably the high-end ones, are relying too heavily on the subpar marketing capabilities of the agents or brokers they employ. In order to truly stand out among the competition, they need exceptional marketing. Not only does their marketing need to be a notch above, but it needs to be lifestyle marketing.

High-end lifestyle marketing

Lifestyle marketing is exactly what it sounds like: marketing the lifestyle. Instead of focusing imagery and copy directly on the physical building structure, lifestyle marketing shows potential buyers how they’ll be able to enjoy themselves while living in your community and how it compliments their current lifestyle. You need to not only see the beauty of your infrastructure, but the lifestyle that comes along with living in such a place. Most real estate agents and brokerage firms are not capable of marketing in this manner, and unless your competition hires a lifestyle marketing agency, neither are they.

Branding: more than just your logo

You may believe that you have a brand, but it’s more than likely that you’re speaking about your logo and color scheme. Your branding includes your logo, tagline, color palette, tone, message, and much, much more. Additionally, your brand must act concisely across everything you create, from your sales office and client hand-outs, to billboards, signs, and anything viewable in a public forum. Logos are commonplace. Exceptional, one-of a kind branding is just for you.

Keenability is a boutique marketing agency that focuses on lifestyle branding, marketing, and public relations all across the real estate industry. If you’re an agent, brokerage firm, developer, or builder in need of exceptional marketing that will take you to the next level, let’s meet.

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