What is a sexy website?

September 01, 2015

Aside from the Alexandra Daddario scene in True Detective’s inaugural season (you know which one,) the term sexy is very subjective. Any scene in Magic Mike would apply, if that’s more your choice of entertainment. The point is anything can be sexy: models, intelligence, a flawless style guide, you name it. It is an opinion, not a fact. However, in terms of websites sexy is not just about aesthetics. A website that looks like insert GQ-model’s-name-here with the functionality of a Nokia flip phone is not sexy.

Clients often claim that they don’t need a sexy website, and based on the English dictionary’s definition of need, they’d be right. Though, if you want to attract top level talent and play on the same field as current and incoming competition, a sexy website is a necessity. You do need sexy design and sexy functionality.


Sexy functionality

Functionality trumps design on the web every time. Navigating your website needs to be effortless, and it's called user interface. Ever heard of it? When you hire a generic content mill, you receive a generic recycled template. They plug in your information and poof, website complete. There’s no mapped out navigation that follows the path of a potential consumer on your website. You need the website's function customized to the products and services you offer.

Making your site sexy

Find a website that you want to emulate. Forget what it looks like, and navigate through as if you were a prospect of that business. Are you at any point annoyed, frustrated, or bored? If you answered yes to any of those questions, find a new site. Once you do, come see us.

We’ll build you a custom website that’s sexy in both looks and functionality. Oh, yeah! It’ll be tailored specifically to your products and services. Consumers will love perusing your site, and the longer they’re on it, the better for you.

Interested in elevating your business while simultaneously making everyone jealous of your new sexy website? Of course you are. See you soon!

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