What Google Thinks is High-Quality Content

August 17, 2016

What google thinks is high quality content

Everyone wants their site to have higher ratings and to increase their traffic within Google. To get this, the content on your site has to be deemed trustworthy by Google, but what exactly does that mean? Since Google of course is a search engine and not a human being, determining what it defines as “trustworthy” can be tricky. That’s why we’re breaking it down for you.


Turn to The Experts

The more experience you have in a particular field you're writing about, the better. For example, if you possess the education and/or the training necessary to give insight about a topic, then listing those credentials can help boost the amount of expertise Google thinks you have. If you don't have the education or training, then cite the reliable sources you used from someone who does have the knowledge and experience. Be as specific and to the point in your writing as you can. Google sees fine points as a sign of knowledge, because experts are able to get into the minutest details.

Deliver Insight

The better your ability to speak about a subject, the higher Google will rate the quality of your content. This includes the quality of your writing, how relevant and useful the topic is to your readers, and if you are providing a new understanding or view point on a subject. If others have already written about it, you aren't going to get ranked. Nobody wants to read your page if it’s filled with little to no original content.

Be Trustworthy

Google interprets trustworthiness as the logical reasoning behind the content you have provided. This includes the external inbound links you use, the internal outbound links, the way Google has rated your previous posts, and the consistency of your work. You don't want to stuff your page with keywords, or include irrelevant links. That’s a red flag for search engines.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create quality and trustworthy content, but doing so is a necessity for your marketing efforts to succeed. If your writing is lacking insight and value, and you're looking to increase your rankings — contact a South Florida marketing agency for a little extra help.

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