Tips for making your real estate brochure effective

August 18, 2015

No matter if you’re an agent, brokerage firm, or developer, a properly constructed brochure can be extremely effective in reaching prospective clients and creating heightened brand awareness. On the other hand, a brochure lacking structure and proper design can leave buyers feeling confused and lacking confidence in your services. Below are some tips for making a real estate brochure superior to your competitors.


Brainstorm a strategy, and make it a real one

Don’t just put pen to paper, or rather, keystrokes to computer screen. You must first create your brand’s “story,” and ask the tough questions. Who is your target audience? What’s the message you’re trying to convey? How are you prompting a response from future clients? Answering these questions will help formulate your copy tone, design, and everything else that goes into your future brochure.

Design, not to be confused with template

You can’t simply choose a template and plug in the information you want clients to read. Many brokerage firms provide their agents with dated brochure templates, and these often times do not do much in separating you from your competition. Design is important, but it’s even more important that your message is easy to read and not overwhelming the limited space your brochure employs.

Your message and tone should be consistent, with everything

The way your brand speaks, the way it sounds when each clients views it, and hopefully passes it along to others, is extremely important. Your brochure should be laid out in such a manner that allows readers to move from each copy block to the next with ease, and follow a pattern of information to easily navigate from beginning to end.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can elevate your marketing with exceptional design and creativity, the Keenability team would love to meet. We’d love to help you reach the next level. If you’re interested, say hi.

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