The Secret to an Effective Marketing Campaign

July 21, 2015

You hired an ad agency, but aren’t seeing the results you expected. Before you start throwing blame in every direction, ask yourself about the decision-making power you granted to your agency, and how well you listened to their proposal and rationale. If you do not understand the basic principles and intricacies of marketing and are constantly nitpicking your marketing agency’s actions, some of the blame may rest on you. If you’ve said any of the following to your ad agency, the aforementioned scenario is likely the case.

  • “Make the logo bigger. That would look better.”
  • “I like [insert color here]. Can we make everything that color?”
  • “I don’t have money for photos. Can we just find stock images that appropriately convey my brand?”
  • “Can you make these changes. Our team thinks these would work better?” (You hand the account director extensive list of changes)
  • “Even though I approved this direction, I kind of want to change it now.”
  • “Can we just target everyone?”
  • “I like it, but I want to show it to other people and get their opinion.”
  • “I’ve been doing this for twenty years. I know what people want.”

Its Reverse Helpfulness, Actually

If your agency is one of the good ones, they’ll politely explain why most, if not all, of these changes just aren’t possible, or are not as easy as you think. If they’re in it solely for the money, they’ll probably accommodate you on each and every one of those requests. What type of agency would you rather have running your brand? We’d say the former. There is a rationale for everything a marketing agency does, and every component stems from the last piece and is designed to correlate with the next one.

An art department doesn’t just collectively decide on the size of the logo based on a whim. They make their choices because it makes logical sense, and because they have studied the brand as well as the work of other competitors. Every little facet has a purpose. If you believe that a bigger logo is going to convert more clients, then please step over here, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. The same goes for colors. There is a rationale that goes into each different hue, and it can’t be altered based on your fascination with the color scheme of your competitor down the street.

If you want successful marketing, you can’t take the carefully calculated strategy your agency provides and propose to amend it completely. For example, stock photos will not be as effective as shooting an original campaign; that is simply a fact. Don’t blame your ad agency if you’d rather save money than produce the most effective campaign possible.

Additionally, is it necessary to ask every single person at your company for their opinion on the marketing strategy? No, it most certainly isn’t. As a business owner, you need to possess the ability to make decisions on your own. Each person will have a different opinion, and so will your consumers. Let the professionals do what they do best, and let your employees get back to doing whatever they do to make money for your company. By relying on the opinions of people who aren’t experts, you’re setting your marketing up for failure before the train even leaves the station.

The secret to a successful marketing campaign involves letting your marketing agency take the reigns, listening to their reasoning, and keeping calm. If you don’t understand some of the fancy designer lingo or phrases used in copy, just ask. A good agency will be able to spell out the steps that led them to each result. Let us help

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