The minions now have their own Pantone color

September 01, 2015

Are you totally enamored with any movie featuring cartoon minions? Remember, honesty is the best policy. (Adults, we’re looking at you.)  Well now, for all you branding geeks and color connoisseurs out there, Pantone has created a Minion-inspired shade just for you. It’s called Minion Yellow, and it doesn’t disappoint.

According to the Pantone Color Institute, “Minion Yellow is an illuminating, energetic, friendly, and fun-loving yellow shade that immediately calls out to you.” Conceptualized by jack-of-all-trades, Pharrell Williams, and carried out by the Pantone Color Institute, Minion Yellow will be added to the PANTONE Fashion and Home + Interiors color palette.

The partnership was conceived when Pantone (widely recognized as the go-to color authority across the globe) recognized the desire for new colors that were both uplifting and vibrant. Pantone’s decision to make Minions the first character-inspired color came around the release of the Minions movie, following Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. The commotion created by the minions series is undeniable, making this a wise venture for Pantone to explore.

As iconic staples in pop culture, everything the minions touch seems to turn to gold-- or in this case, Minion Yellow.

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