The future of the average real estate agent

July 27, 2015

Real talk: The future of the average real estate agent is a bleak one. Those of you who aren’t providing a tremendous level of service to your real estate clients are quite likely to find yourselves in a new profession at some point in the near future. It is easy to replace the real estate agent who strictly pushes sales. As a real estate agent, when was the last time you actually went above and beyond the call of duty for a client? Well, delivering a customized experience by providing personal services is the way of the future.

About 98% of a client’s search is already done online, but within the next five years, the use of virtual reality technology will allow clients to also tour any home of their choice right from their own home. More than just virtually touring the home, they will be able to incorporate their own furniture into the virtual reality tour, making it much easier to overcome bad existing furniture. Companies such as Matterport, Prestige Vision and more are already putting products into the market.

The opportunities are endless in virtual reality. Buyers can view properties that have not been built, touring rooms and and experiencing views in 360 degrees. These tours give a very realistic sense of size and the space, and, unlike “virtual tours”, these are very realistic.

As you can expect, virtual reality doesn’t come cheap. However, those in real estate marketing can agree that it is possible to remove some more outdated marketing practices to make room for the more advanced virtual reality tours.

For most, this type of technology can be scary. It’s nothing like the change between print and digital advertising. This can render an agent useless. For agents that are not providing a service that goes beyond just showing a home, it could mean the end of their career. That is why branding and concierge services are so critical in the future of the real estate agent. Any one wishing to remain in the industry must adapt, and offer more than home tours.

For those real estate agents that don’t even bother showing up to the home tour and prefer to give the lock box combination to potential homebuyers, go ahead and start looking for another career.

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