The Future of Digital Marketing Isn’t New

October 17, 2016

The future of digital marketing isnt new

Native advertising is hardly a new technique in marketing, but it’s expected to see major growth in the future in terms of dollars spent compared to non-native ads. For those who don’t know, native advertising refers to advertisements that fit both the form and function of the content surrounding it. The practice dates back to radio hosts interviewing sponsors on air, and later magazines incorporating “advertorials” into publications — mimicking the feel of an editorial piece but paid for, nonetheless.


Incorporating Native Advertising Into Digital Marketing

Digital advertising is the future of marketing and native advertising presents more ad space than marketers could ever fill up. Between the leading social media platforms, search engines, and news sites, budget spending on native advertising online is expected to grow at exponential rates. This is especially true as screens become smaller and smaller, native ads on mobile devices show much higher margins of visibility than normal display ads. A study  by Sharethrough/IPG Media Labs found that its participants viewed native advertisements 53 percent more frequently. Another study shows that in-feed native advertisements are viewed more than the actual editorial content on the page.

Why is native advertising so popular? Because it’s effective. It’s no secret that advertisements can have a negative effect on the people viewing them. Native advertising has the potential to be more successful than non-native, because it sells a product or service in a much more subtle fashion. If it resembles the content it surrounds, it’s more likely that viewers don’t even question whether it’s an ad or not, or they just won’t mind as much.

Native advertising isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it is set to pick up speed in the digital world. Considering this, businesses need to start incorporating the practice into digital marketing strategies sooner rather than later. Don’t think of it as “disguising” ads, think of it as an opportunity to engage with your target audiences on platforms they already use. With ingenious native advertisements, viewers will ideally come to see a brand as the gold standard in its industry.

Whether accidental or on purpose (such as ignoring unwanted advertisements), people have developed a whole new level of disengagement online. This is how typical advertisements go unnoticed before having even made a first impression. Successful native ads will catch the audience before they zone out, long enough to get them interested and engaged.

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