The days of “we’re the best” are over

August 25, 2015

“Our agents are the most experienced. We’re the most knowledgeable firm. We hire only the best applicants.”

Chances are, you’ll find multiple brokerage firms accentuating one (or all) of these statements throughout their advertising. How can you believe them when four firms in the same magazine tell you that they are “the best?” Word of mouth? That’s probably the best bet. Visiting all four in person and letting them explain to you the rationale behind what they think makes them superior? If that’s how you want to spend your weekend, sure. Otherwise, they’re all still equal. Their ads have not influenced you to make a decision, and thus they have failed.


What is your firm “the best” at?

Chances are, you’re not perceived as “the best,” speaking globally of course. Your firm likely can’t keep up with Re/Max, who spent $37.4 million on advertising last year, and that’s okay. The good news for you: it’s not all about being the best. It’s about showing your audience that you’re the right choice for them (this is probably where the phrase “easier said than done” was conceived.)

The key is pinpointing the aspects that make your firm superior to direct competitors, and then emphasizing those points concisely and effectively. That’s where advertising agencies come in.

You need a team of creatives, not an outside freelancing duo who will mock up your logo and strategy for a few hundred dollars. Whomever crafts your advertising needs to immerse themselves in your business, discover the specific traits that make you stand above your competitors, and then deliver exceptional creative that achieves your goals. Global brokerage firms with million-dollar budgets shouldn’t be the only ones entitled to brilliant advertising, and that’s why we’re here.

Keenability operates as an extension of your business, not an outside team. We devise creative, original marketing collateral and effective campaigns that elevate your business to the next level. Are you ready to find your competitive difference and use it to get ahead? Let’s meet.

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