The 4 Essential Social Media Platforms for Real Estate Professionals

December 06, 2015

These days, social media efforts are vital to a company’s success. Nevertheless, many businesses still fall short on utilizing an online presence to their advantage. With new platforms popping up left and right, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Below are a list of the top social media sites, along with tips and best maintenance practices.



A pioneer in the social media world, and the most widely used platform, Facebook is the perfect place to start a digital profile. Facebook allows the user to build a business page for the company, and be able to interact with past, present and future buyers. Postings should be of the latest happenings in the company. It is also a great place for advertising, easily manage campaigns, and promoting listings — as well as yourself, as the agent.


Twitter is an engaging tool that can be used to share stories relevant to customers. Share an article about an event going on in the area or relevant to the housing market. Keep clients updated on open houses you might be hosting. Follow local, national, and trade news sources to easily “retweet” (share) content that is posted.


Instagram is a great instrument for sharing amazing photos of homes. There are some filters and other tools to make images more engaging. Take it to the next level by placing a logo to brand your image. That way, when followers share your photos, you are also building brand awareness.


Linkedin is primarily thought of as a networking tool for businesses. Use it not only to keep in contact with past clients, but to boost credibility by asking clients to endorse your personal skills and to write reviews. You can also create a separate business page apart from your personal profile. We suggest both and inviting your personal connections to follow your business page. Do not forget to post your blogs, images of your latest homes, or any other insights you think your clients might find interesting.

How often should I be posting?

This can depend on several factors: type of business, time constraints, the feasibility of having someone in charge of your social media, etc. It is important to note that the posts should feel natural; they should not come across as rigid or forced. We recommend creating 2 to 3 posts a week, per platform.

Remember to engage with your “friends.”

To maintain an active profile, it is essential to not only create posts, but engage with clients. If your client shares an interesting article or post, make sure to comment or at least “like” it. Don’t be afraid to have an active social media presence.

How do I know what is working?

Many of these tools have analytics platforms. You can use these insights to see what types of posts your clients are engaging with.

Social media management is an essential part of an integrated marketing strategy. If you are interested in taking your real estate marketing to the next level with a strong social media marketing approach, we’d love to chat. Keenability specializes in creating marketing plans across some platforms.

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