What Teleportation & Periscope mean for advertising

September 11, 2015

Teleportation is here, and its magic transmission machine is called Periscope. Now, you can’t physically engage with the sea of pool party fist-pumpers in Ibiza, but what you can do is pretty cool.


What is Periscope?

Periscope is essentially, as their tagline asserts, a live-streaming app that allows you to “discover the world through someone else’s eyes.” Backed by the power of the Twittersphere, you can now witness just about anything, from anywhere, at any time. And yes, it’s completely live. Maybe you want to visualize firsthand the life of a Ukrainian protester, or a radical adventurer skydiving from a jet flying somewhere over South America, or anything in between.

While exploring the Periscope app, I noticed a live stream of the University of Kentucky women’s volleyball practice. If I were a diehard Wildcat, who also happened to love average, middle-aged male commentary, and royal blue spandex attire, it’d be almost heaven. Periscope offers entertainment for people with interests spanning all facets of life, and with just over 10 million users to date, it hasn’t even yet begun to reach it’s potential.

Periscope & Advertising

Many brands are now targeting Periscope in an effort to enter a platform on the rise. They’ll surely be devising strategies to accomplish the elusive “advertising without users feeling advertised to,” such as what we’ve seen lately with Snapchat and Instagram branded content.

Since Periscope's content is literally “live,”  precise marketing strategies and extreme attention to detail will be more important than ever. Of course, so will execution. Periscope doesn’t do rehearsals, so it’s vital that the keeper of your password doubles as a clutch videographer.

Live advertising is a high-stakes game. Now I’m not a financial doctor or anything, but I have a feeling Periscope stock would be a pretty solid investment right about yesterday.

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