SMX NYC Highlights: Get the New Organic SEO

October 14, 2016

Smx nyc highlights get the new organic seo

On day three at SMX East, Michelle Maor, Account Director at an Ogilvy Company, and Laura Ann Mitchell, SEO Manager at Intel, discussed the importance of using search insights to connect with your end user and how Intel is evolving from a traditional strategy to focus on the digital native.


Leveraging Search & Content for the Customer Journey

Michelle Maor explained that moving away from what you want to say and transitioning to what the users want to hear is possible, and it is ultimately the best practice when it comes to creating relevant content.

Maor drew in the crowds attention by posing the question: “What happens when you live at the edge?” Then, providing an insightful answer to her own question, she said: 

“You become a party of one. You become an island, disconnected from the core. And what happens when these islands are actually hundreds and hundreds of websites? You get a plethora of siloed sites spanning over multiple platforms that aren’t talking to each other—which makes it difficult for users to get the content they need quickly and easily.”d

Search enables the customer’s journey, giving our audience access to invaluable information and strengthening the connection between the user and the content. However, it is also an important tool for understanding the customer. If you ask Maor, the goal of any marketer should be not only to understand the audience, but to use that information to truly connect with them. That understanding, she said, comes directly from key insights garnered from search data.

According to Maor, there are two major values of search. The first, of course, is that search is one of the most powerful channels to reach our audiences. The other value search provides is insights into our target audience, which can help shape our content strategy. Once we know what our users need, we can provide them with it quickly, before they look to a competitor to fulfill their needs.

The Intel Case Study

Laura Ann Mitchell also shared some important insight, providing a clear look into the transitioning strategy being used at Intel with a case study focused on putting the user first.

“SEO is not an afterthought. It’s not something that you do,” Mitchell began. “It’s something that falls into place when you do everything else right.”

The case study explained how Intel propelled poorly-performing content in a world dominated by search. Here are some key learnings for creating content that both search engines and users will love:

  • Utilize a consistent site structure that delivers a streamlined experience for each user.
  • Deliver a consistent experience through the use of clearly defined pages.
  • Create content that aligns with the interests of your audience.
  • Optimize the experience based on a user’s device.
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand what’s working and not working, as well as how to continually maximize your business's efforts.

The most important thing for businesses to take away from SMX NYC is that search is an essential tool for reaching users and understanding their needs. Connecting with a South Florida advertising agency will allow your company to create strategic SEO content focused on user habits. In doing so, you can reach more users and a captive audience which can later promote your business via social media — and after all, that’s really the goal.

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