Setting yourself apart in the real estate industry

July 14, 2015

The real estate market is bouncing back and real estate agents are growing in numbers. How will you outdo your competition and ensure that you get the most premium listings? Marketing.

Not just any marketing, however. Brilliant, creative marketing.

The marketing spectrum has three essential steps, with a rhyme and reason for every action and decision along the way. Generally, it can be broken down into branding, marketing strategy, and marketing execution.


Step 1: Branding

There’s a reason that branding comes first. Not only does your brand tell your story to the target audience, but it lays the foundation for future growth and recognition. Your message must be concise, with one tone and visual strategy. Branding extends far beyond your logo, takes time, research, and most of all, brilliant creative minds. Where do you find brilliant creative minds? Marketing agencies would be a good bet, we’d say.

Step 2: Marketing Strategy

Now you have your awesome new branding, congratulations. Are you just going to hang a picture of your logo in the office and keep doing what you’ve been doing? We’d hope not. You need a marketing strategy to make your target audience aware of your (essentially) brand-new company! Not only do you need to make your audience realize that you exist, you need to influence their decisions.

In order to optimally influence your target audience, you need to study them. Find out what they’re looking for. A team of brilliant marketing creatives will strategize how to best reach your consumers, then find a way to make them not just clients, but brand advocates. How does that sound? You’re smitten, we know.

Step 3: Marketing Execution

The legwork is over. The plan is set. Let’s put it in motion, shall we? You’ll need a team of advertising wizards to take your branding and strategy and execute it in the real world. What good is everything you’ve created if your consumers never see it? Not very. Not very good at all.

If you execute these steps, in this order, the results will be astounding. You’ll generate more premium listings and possess the community recognition you need for sustainable growth and improvement.

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