Re/Max taps new global ad agency

August 24, 2015

Re/Max is in need of new creative. After two years with Leo Burnett Co., the global real estate firm has opted for a change and selected San Francisco-based agency Camp + King to lead their advertising efforts. With work spanning across all industries, C+K’s ability to produce is not the aspect in question.

With Re/Max representing their first major real estate account, Camp + King has revealed that it will focus on "the challenging, behind-the-scenes work Re/Max agents do on their clients' behalf.” They will also drop the tagline "dream with your eyes open,” but have not yet commented on possible replacements.


Combining old direction with new creative

The aforementioned strategy is certainly not innovative in terms of direction, but that’s exactly where creatives come into play. Truthly, that’s why advertising agencies exist.

Every firm and their mother (firms have mothers, yes) believes that their agents provide superior service to each and every client. Even if that’s not the case, they’ll still likely tell clients they do. Business is business, you know.

Simply accentuating the fact that Re/Max agents always take care of the “challenging, behind-the-scenes” work is neither original, nor enough to drive business. Camp + King will surely set out to devise a strategy that emphasizes the capabilities of Re/Max agents in a way that’s not only unique and effective, but also promotes social interaction. As a real estate marketing firm ourselves, we can’t wait to follow the story as this new endeavor unfolds.

Small firm or global firm, two aspects remain constant

Marketing a global real estate firm is not the same as marketing a smaller brokerage firm. In both instances however, creativity and originality are universal necessities. Thousands of firms aim to highlight their “superior agents and personalized service.” The question is: how will your firm do it differently?

Schedule a meeting with the Keenability team. We’ll get acquainted with the ins and outs of your firm, and then devise a creative advertising strategy specific for you.

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