Raleigh Beltliner

Bryan Sinnett of Sinnett Realty Group in Raleigh, NC. approached Keenability to help bring a unique marketing idea of his to life. Some years ago, Bryan purchased a specific web domain, knowing he would thank himself for his own foresight in the future. After a few years of the site lying dormant, the time had finally come to take advantage of the venture.


Bryan has been a recognized and accomplished real estate professional in Raleigh and throughout the Triangle area for over fourteen years. Always looking for new ways to innovate and expand his clientele, he identified a gap when it came to communicating with those “inside the Beltline,” which is what locals refer to as their popular, up-and-coming yet historical downtown metropolis.



Bryan has watched the Beltline grow into a prominent locale for startups and millennials. Today, the banking and healthcare industries based out of Raleigh actively recruit the best and brightest from throughout the country to come work and live inside the Beltline. Bryan was in need of a website that would not only capture and share all the most exciting aspects of Raleigh, but also position his team as a trustworthy resource for those unfamiliar with the city.


"This firm is the best in the business. Their professionalism, creativity, correspondence, & product is TOP NOTCH. You will not find a better team of professionals in the business. Keenability has taken our real estate's team marketing to the next level and they can do the same for you."

— Bryan Sinnett



Due to the influx of young entrepreneurs and millennials, the site’s content needed to be informative and exciting. Since Bryan’s clientele would be new residents in the area, MLS integration was a must in order to provide instant access to relevant listings.

Keenability was tasked with designing a backend that could be easily navigated by the Raleigh Beltiner team and future content contributors. Our most successful and user-friendly websites have been created using Ruby on Rails - which worked perfectly for the Raleigh Beltiner, owing to its open source code and straightforward editing abilities. We were also able to designate different tiers of users with different access capabilities.


Final Product

Visual content has proven to be more effective than written content in some contexts. Considering the targeted demographic, the site had to utilize video heavily and feature professional photography in addition to the in-depth articles. Most of the interior webpages prominently feature slideshows and hero images. We also worked closely with Bryan’s marketing coordinator to plan and execute an effective social media strategy by courting and interacting with audience members on Facebook and Instagram both pre- and post-launch.


Leading up to the Raleigh Beltliner’s official launch, an awareness campaign was implemented, which included a landing page with the opportunity to subscribe to an email list. During the soft launch, the Raleigh Beltliner logged over 1,000 local visitors per week during its initial 21 days. The marketing strategy for Bryan and the Raleigh Beltliner has only just begun, yet he reports already having been contacted multiple times by solicitors hoping to have their local events covered by the site.


Other Collateral

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