Optimizing Digital Marketing for Mobile

October 21, 2016

Optimizing digital marketing for mobile

The number of hours people spend on their mobile phones has increased exponentially. Many users are now accessing the web primarily through their mobile devices, such as their smartphones and tablets. In order for you to reach this growing segment of consumers, all aspects of your digital marketing strategy have to be mobile-friendly. Here’s how you can optimize your digital marketing for mobile users.


Choose a Mobile-Friendly Web Design for your Website

Your website should be easy to access, view, and navigate on smaller mobile screens. Businesses have the choice to opt for responsive or adaptive web design. Responsive web design is able to recognize a mobile device and adapts the site’s layout according to the device’s screen size. This is the simpler strategy and the one most sites use. Adaptive web design identifies a mobile device and chooses from separate website designs that were created for each type of device. This is the more complex strategy, but it provides the optimal outcome as it allows for more control of how the site will appear across devices. Aside from web design, all other mobile-friendly errors should be fixed and page speed should be increased. Both steps make your website more attractive to mobile users and can help improve your site’s search rankings .

Adapt SEO to Mobile Users’ Behavior 

According to Google, nearly 40 percent of people conduct web searches using only their smartphones. More Google searches are done on smartphones and other mobile devices than on computers. A business’s Search Engine Optimization strategy has to consider the unique characteristics of mobile searches to effectively target mobile users. Keywords and keyword phrases should be specific to mobile users. Search terms used by mobile users will often be different from search terms used by traditional users. For instance, proximity and location are of more importance to mobile users, so using location related keywords would be beneficial for your mobile SEO. Another consideration would be to adapt your mobile SEO to voice searches, which function differently than traditional searches. For instance, a person using voice search on mobile is far more likely to search for restaurants near them, rather than include the name of a particular city in their search.

Adjust your Email Marketing to Suit Mobile Viewing

More than 50 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device. Given this statistic, a business cannot stop at a website that is optimal for mobile viewing; its emails must be designed for mobile as well. Much like a company’s website, emails should be simple, clean, and responsive to different screen sizes, and concise. Utilize one clear call to action within an email for the best results. If you’re interested in learning about how our full-service South Florida advertising agency can help with your business’s digital and mobile marketing strategy, give us a call today.

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