No one markets a property like you, right?

February 05, 2016

If I had a dollar for every agent who claims to be a top marketer, I would have a lot of money. Being in the industry forces us to check out the usual publications in which agents advertise. Naturally, we read the majority of the ads to see how the competition is stacking up, and what we most often find in those ads is that agents claim to be expert marketers. It all sounds good and makes sense, until you discover that they don’t know anything about marketing. 

Agents are notorious for saying that they market a property better than the competition, but they all do the same things. Trite and tired postcards constitute their main marketing tool, which is odd when in reality most agents don’t even get around to sending them. Or is it the ads in the local magazine racks that are their best strategy? You know which ads I’m talking about, those in which your home is competing alongside other listings with a terrible photo.

What would happen if your client asked how much of your commission is spent on marketing? What would you say? Furthermore, what if they asked what you do differently than the competitors? Would the Facebook account you hardly ever update be enough to make you look better?

Face it! You are busy meeting with potential clients, and showing homes. You sure aren’t creating individual marketing strategies for each of your clients, but guess what? You should be. If you really excel at marketing, you’ll have to prove it.

  1. It is not about the property- As an agent, what you are truly selling is the lifestyle that your client can have, not the actual home. When you focus exclusively on a property, you’re not helping buyers to envision themselves there. Buyers are in fact looking for the potential they see in the places you are showing them. Steer their attention in the right direction through marketing that focuses on lifestyle, not on bedroom count.
  2. It’s important to grow your network- Advertising means spending money on your brand. By doing so, you can effectively grow your network and make people as interested as possible in coming to see you. The more people that know you, the more emails you can send, and the more people you have in your circle to promote your seller’s home. This is a big one, but it encompasses many different marketing pieces and tactics.
  3. Having a website that is comprehensive and easy to navigate-  -You will never be a leader in the world of marketing if your website isn’t helping potential buyers find homes or envision themselves living somewhere. If a buyer makes it to your website, but quickly exits, your sellers aren’t reaping the benefits of your marketing efforts. 
  4. Social media isn’t a place to hard sell- You might have a Facebook account, but most likely you aren’t actively posting; and if you are, it is probably all about your listings. The majority of agents who claim to have a great social media network, don’t. It is easy for an agent to say they are great at marketing, but not have anything to back it up. When was the last time you shared useful information with your buyers?
  5. A home strategy should be well thought out- Marketing is an essential part of everything that you do. Sellers are trusting you to wear many hats in the process of selling their home. In fact, marketing is one of the key roles that they expect you to take on. You are supposed to have a game plan spelled out. What do you do immediately after a home goes under contract? Do you send out a postcard or an email, announce it on all your social networks, pitch it to the media, create a home brochure, shoot professional photography, release an ad for it? How does this play into your overall brand?  How do all these initiatives support your brand?

There is nothing wrong with presenting yourself as an expert marketer, as long as it’s true. Now, those agents and brokerage firms we partner with have the right to shout it out to the world. However, those who rely on their outdated and inconsistent practices, not so much. If your marketing isn’t great and you aren’t looking to improve it — you will have to depend on your negotiation skills, and hope that a whole lot of good luck comes your way.

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