The Newest Logo Trend: Interactive Logos

May 03, 2016

Logo design

The Brazilian Telecom Company Oi is making headlines with its new interactive logo. What makes it interactive? When displayed digitally, the logo changes its shape and color depending on the sound of the user’s voice. Users can even save their own unique version of the logo. Pretty cool, right?

One of the smart things the company did when creating this logo was keeping certain aspects of the logo consistent, such as the original font. Incorporating stable elements to complement the changing color scheme facilitates brand recognition.

Does this mark a new trend in design?

As more companies transition to digital marketing efforts, interactive logos make perfect sense. It’s actually brilliant to create a brand experience that allows the customer to engage with the logo. Strong encounters with a brand are essential for influencing purchases, because it puts a company front and center in a customer’s mind and builds loyalty. Therefore, a one-of-a-kind brand experience is key for success.

For the tech industry in particular, having a forward-thinking logo such as this truly says wonders for a company. People purchasing tech products and services want to be reassured that they are buying from a company that’s ahead of the curve. A brand is one of the most effective tools for conveying this message.

The Need for a Killer Logo

The case of Oi is a perfect example of a logo’s power. Logos can convey so much information about a company, and when crafted correctly, can greatly affect the customer’s interpretation of a brand. A logo should be a representation of what a brand stands for. Everything down to the width of a single line can affect how customers interpret a brand. Additionally, the reception of Oi’s new logo shows that having a brand that can be interactive in the digital sphere can facilitate the growth of brand awareness and increase business.

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