Multimillion-dollar home sales must exude luxury

August 18, 2015

Multimillion-dollar homes are purchased by people with, well, millions of dollars. Just as buyer’s life has most likely been surrounded by luxury, your process should be no different. Below are a few ways to enhance the luxury of your listings, and create a feeling of familiarity for those financially able to buy the homes you sell.


Collateral Quality

The home you're selling is assuredly made with the highest quality materials and leaves nothing to spare, and your entire set of marketing collateral should do the same. Whether it’s the home brochure or direct mail piece a client can differentiate between a quality item and one that looks as if it was done in a basement.

Does your seller want their home represented with low-quality marketing materials? We should think not. Home sellers are savvy enough to know that buyers won’t be impressed by a $30-million-dollar home being advertised the same as a $300,000 home. With higher commissions come greater obligations. Investing in high-quality printed materials sends the right message and yields better results. Furthermore, the impression left by your materials will surely provide more business from other sellers who want their home treated the way it deserves.

Agent and Firm Marketing

Just as low quality collateral can be spotted quickly by luxury clients, so can a $5 logo and tagline. Your marketing not only says a lot about the type of agent or firm you are, but also points to the level of care and attention the buyer can expect. When your logo and branding look dated or improperly designed, clients will usually assume that your service follows suit. If you can’t be trusted to possess a proper logo, sleek advertisements, and other public self-promotion tools, what tells your potential clients that they won’t receive the same poor quality service?

Ultimately if you are selling a high-end product your should look the part. If you are in need of a real estate marketing facelift, contact Keenability today.

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