Marketing Isn't Easy

February 22, 2016

Marketing not easy

But don't fret. Real estate agent is not synonymous with marketer. As an agent the best skills you can have are:

  • Honesty
  • Tenacity
  • Interest in architecture
  • Local knowledge
  • A great personality
  • Attention to detail
  • Understanding of the real estate process and legalities
  • A large network of connection

In the list above is not marketer, but yet, one of the things that agents feel they have to say is that they are excellent at marketing. When it comes to selling my home, I don't need my agent to be a professional marketer, I don't expect him or her to be. An agent has several tools at their disposition. Anywhere from a marketing assistant, an agency of record and or a brokerage firm with a stellar marketing department. The options are endless.

Marketing is complex. It isn't as simple as you might wish. Mistakenly, you might think you can handle it on your own, or you might consider yourself an expert. Many people, including agents, are befuddled by marketing, yet they attempt it on their own.

If you aren't good at marketing, don't worry. Marketing is challenging for most individuals. It requires the use of both the analytical brain and the creative brain. It requires a particular skill set that you likely don't have if this is not your area of expertise. I don't expect you to have marketing expert in your long list of skills and traits.

To create successful marketing campaigns, you must be able to analyze data, draw conclusions, and visually and strategically execute. This isn't easy. Rely on the tools available to you, and instead, showcase all those other wonderful traits that do make you that stellar agent.

Don't worry about being creative; instead, focus on negotiating the best deal for your clients and making every transaction seamless and enjoyable. This is why you rock as a real estate agent. Your clients don't need YOU to be a marketing expert; they just need to know that you have access to the right team to get their home in front of the most buyers.

You don't need to know marketing to be a great agent. Consider working with a real estate marketing agency to help take the marketing role off your plate and focus on what you're best at. Give us a call. 

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