Making time for your Marketing

April 08, 2015

One of the many problems that plague real estate agents is a lack of time. Reaching the rank of top agent is no easy feat; it requires a tremendous amount of time dedicated to meeting with clients, not only during the real estate transaction, but also much after. As a top real estate agent, chances are you aren’t relying exclusively on your brokerage firm to provide the marketing. So with such a busy schedule what happens to all the marketing required by the real estate industry? A lot of times real estate agents “buy-in” to a lot of the marketing offers they receive. When you have little time and limited knowledge on a topic, anything can sound good. The problem with buying into so many things is that it creates loose ends, which results in more work. Hiring various companies equates to marketing that might fall short. When you take the aggregated sum of money spent on disorganized marketing pieces, it’s often equivalent to what you could spend when you bring a professional marketing firm to handle all your advertising. Hire a marketing coordinator. You might already have an assistant, but their skills likely don’t include marketing. If you hire a dedicated marketing coordinator, they can help keep all the companies you hire accountable. This is one way to help get marketing off your plate. Make sure that you give them the authority to make decisions that are needed immediately. If they need your permission on everything, it could slow down the process. Set a time to go over everything. Force yourself to take a few hours a week to take an active role in your marketing to ensure that it is all working together. What’s getting the best results and how are the companies you’ve hired working together toward the same goal? Ask yourself what could be improved and what effect could this new idea have on your marketing? Hire a full-service marketing firm. Rather than hiring several companies to handle various pieces of your marketing, it might work better to hire a marketing firm to handle it all. A full-service marketing firm will be able to tie everything together. If your budget allows you the ability to do so, this is without a doubt the solution that will yield the best results. A full-service marketing firm can handle everything from your branding to your public relations. You can have them produce all your home descriptions, handle the photography, videography, etc. This can take a lot from your plate, particularly if you let them take the reinsfor a lot of the marketing they will be producing— i.e. social media. Use the marketing firm used by your broker. Rather than hiring your own firm, you could have the marketing firm already being used by your broker to produce your own unique materials. Depending on the broker you work with, this might be a perfect solution. Your marketing can be produced to look customized, without having to look for a firm to represent you. Depending on what other real estate agents/teams they represent, this could be the easiest and perhaps most cost effective solution. Rather than produce your materials to look like those of others, they can give you your own unique look. This might not be a viable option if the broker you work for does not have a marketing firm that they work with and instead relies on in-house talent to produce marketing pieces.

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