Why Your Luxury Listings Need Digital Marketing

April 27, 2016

Realestate marketing

If you are in the business of selling luxury homes, digital marketing is a must. While it would be marvelous to mail a substantial piece to all individuals at or above a certain income level, as well as to all luxury realtors and brokers around the country — it is simply not feasible. Digital marketing is a much more cost effective way of reaching a large target audience.


Email Campaigns

While you can always use your broker’s email templates, sending custom-designed email newsletters with your latest listings will prove much more valuable. These will stand out from the countless emails consumers get on a daily basis. With every email, make certain that subject lines are attention grabbing. Additionally, when selling multi-million dollar homes, the email campaign should reflect the look of the home.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising allows you to create highly targeted campaigns, increasing the reach of your carefully-crafted advertisements within the upper echelon of society. You can determine who sees your ads based on everything from geographic location, to interests, to income level. You can also determine the exact placement of your ads on specific websites. One advantage of using google digital advertising is that payment is only required when someone clicks on your ads. It also allows for a number of tracking methods, so that you may see how every advertisement is performing.

Social Media

Social media can be used to create beautifully branded images of your luxury listings to share organically with your audience. Depending on your audience’s reaction to your images, the impressions of your newest listing can multiply, getting more exposure for your listing at little cost. Paid social media advertising is another great way to generate awareness for your listings. Similarly to google advertising, you can target populations based on demographics, interests, and location.

Using a combination of these methods is advisable for delivering the best results. We like to run multi-platform campaigns that draw on your brand’s recognition to reach target consumers in a number of places. When making large purchases, it often takes repeated exposure to a brand to get the customer to take action. A customer will often need to be exposed to the brand or listing multiple times before making a decision.

As with all digital campaigns, make sure that you are regularly tracking and analyzing your data. Try A/B testing with subject lines or layouts, and see which are proving most effective. Applying these insights to your strategies can make or break a home sale. It is also advisable to seek out the expertise of an agency for any digital marketing strategy. Our agency would love to help make your digital marketing dreams a reality. Give us a call today.

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