Let Instagram Boost Your Brand

November 11, 2016

Let instagram boost your brand

Gaining Instagram followers has proven to be one of the most effective ways of building brand exposure yet, and it’s actually pretty simple. With over 500 million users, Instagram has the third largest audience on social media, right behind Facebook and Youtube. However, Instagram makes it much easier to reach a vast audience without having to resort to costly sponsorship spots. Growing a business’s following on Instagram simply takes patience, consistency, and quality content. That said, it is important to keep in mind that the true goal is gaining real followers, which are those who will stay engaged. The ones that merely follow other accounts to spam users or boost their own following should never be targeted. Here are a few proven tips for getting true followers through the creation of engaging content.


Turn your personal profile into a Business Profile

As part of Facebook’s family of social networks, Instagram’s business profiles vastly resemble Facebook’s. This means that businesses have many of the same tools available through Facebook. You can start using a business profile for free, however if you really want to take full advantage of the tools it provides, you may benefit from paying to promote your posts. Changing your Instagram to a business profile will create a nifty contact button on your profile that will allow potential clients and customers to call, text, or email you. Instagram’s analyzing algorithm Insights will provide you with valuable behavioral and demographic data about the people that you create content for.

Consistency is key

Much like blogging for your business, having a consistent theme and posting often will provide more content for your audience to scroll through and eventually realize how great your posts are. Content management is crucial when trying to gain and retain your following. However, while you want to stay relevant in the eyes of your followers, you should be careful not to post too often either. If your followers find your constant posts repetitive, they’ll likely unfollow you without giving it a second thought. By using Instagram’s analytics, you can track how people view and engage with your posts, giving you a better gauge for what’s working.

Free apps will change the way to post

There are countless apps available now to help you manage your online accounts. As far as creating and managing the content you post, we suggest you check out the apps Canva and Buffer, which can also be accessed on your computer if you find it more convenient or comfortable. Canva is a good fit for companies that can’t afford to outsource for design, and Buffer provides the tools needed to stay organized as a social media manager.

Your caption is just as important as your picture

While the obvious appeal of Instagram is being able to scroll through a feed of your friends and family members’ activities throughout the day, from a marketing perspective the caption as well as your hashtag savviness is more important for gaining a wider audience reach. Your caption should catch your followers’ attention. Popular techniques include asking questions that compel people to respond, or a call-to-action that gets them to double-tap and tag their friends. Instagram uses algorithms to organically promote or remove posts when users make searches, but the quality of the exposure will depend on how clever and well thought out your hashtags are. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, so keep a list of your best ones that you’ve tested out and copy and paste them into the comments section after posting.

Interact with your audience

Once you have a decent number of quality posts and enough followers, they will eventually start interacting with the page. You can make a great impression on potential customers by reaching out to them, by answering questions, or saying a simple thanks. Being interactive on your social media profiles shows your followers that you are committed to helping and listening to them, and it’s essential to show them just how important they are to your business.

Using relevant accounts to your advantage

There are social media influencers on every platform that will have much larger followings than you do right now. If you create a post that you think would be relevant to someone with a much larger following, you might have luck tagging them in the post or using their name or username in a hashtag. It’s a stretch, but doing this with people that have a greater Instagram influence than you can result in you gaining some extremely valuable exposure.

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