Law firm losing business?

April 01, 2015

The proactive approach versus the reactive approach

There will always be competitors entering the market and that’s something which has to be accounted. Additionally, technologies change and the effectiveness of your existing marketing can be greatly reduced as media shifts. Rather than wait for these two phenomenons to occur and for you to lose a significant amount of business, it is best to proactively design a law firm marketing plan. First keep an eye on your competition! As competitors step up their game you will feel the effects, which will come as reduced market share. If you want to keep your market share don’t let your competitors make you invisible. If new competitors enter the market or others take their marketing to the next level, you might not be visible to your audience. While the competition isn’t directly targeting your law firm, their increase in marketing will likely hurt your own efforts. Some industries are much more competitive than others, for attorneys competition can be brutal. The good news is that a lot of the competition is busy doing the same thing. When it comes to marketing law firms this holds very true. Typically competitors are busy trying to copy and emulate the successful campaigns of others and they hesitate to break from the more “traditional” advertising. This is your opportunity to make a change and stand out. The second thing that will happen is that you do what you’ve always done. You might have relied on the yellow pages, but that just won’t cut it. If you have not adapted your marketing in a long while, it most likely isn’t effective. The way in which people prefer to obtain their information is constantly changing. It is extremely difficult to find someone who isn’t holding their phone, but just a mere 6 years ago, this was far from the case. While people had cell phones, they didn’t rely on them quite so heavily. Right now people are extremely dependent on their phones and spend a great deal of time engaging in social media, apps or jus surfing the web. With so many people attached to their mobile device(s) it makes sense to reach our audience there. Just because the yellow pages once worked, doesn’t mean they will still work. Just a few years ago there were no apps, no widespread social media, etc. What worked then won’t work today, similarly what works now wouldn't have worked then. For advertising to be effective it must reach your audience where they are. Rather than wait for the competition to outshine you or for technology to render your marketing ineffective, evaluate your marketing and do so at regular intervals. It is much better to plan ahead and avoid losing market share than to make the proper preparation and maintain your stream of income. Working with a marketing partner can help prevent a shift in revenue. Keenability is an advertising agency in Boca Raton. We specialize in reaching the affluent buyer by creating marketing campaigns that yield results. We have the keen ability to make your law firm successful.

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