Is native advertising an ethical marketing practice?

May 04, 2015

With all this talk about native advertising and its effectiveness, it’s only natural that people start to question whether the methods being used are ethical. We believe that it is ethical; when done correctly. While the concept behind native advertising has been around for a long time, it has taken a relatively new form within the realm of social media. This in particular is what has been receiving a lot of attention. The idea is to provide the audience with information that they find useful, without hinting at the product that the company is trying to sell, until the audience member is already hooked. In social media, native advertising is usually presented in the form of content. Sometimes it’s a blog or an article with information that their target audience would find useful, or it could be a how-to video. Either way, the concept remains the same, give the audience something of value and promote your service or product secondarily. The content provided will normally be something loosely related to the product or service being sold. The blurred line occurs when a company promises to deliver something of value to their audience through an image or advertisement and fails to deliver. Instead of giving the audience the information they sought, they might simply be directed to a page about the services being provided by the company. In this case, not only is it deceitful, but it won’t work. When the audience reaches a page that doesn’t contain the information they were looking for they will quickly bounce out of the page they landed on. Ultimately, methods like these hurt the company because the potential client already starts to lose faith in the brand. Keenability is a full-service Boca Raton marketing agency that specializes in branding and applying proven marketing tactics. If you would like to learn more about what our agency can do to increase your bottom line, send us an email for a brand evaluation.

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