Introducing the New Buzz Phrase

April 30, 2015

My vote for a new buzz phrase: seamless experience. Everything should be centered and completely focused on the principal of being coherent and consistent. This isn’t just about branding — though you might argue that it actually is ALL about branding— it extends far beyond just a consistent look.

Providing customers with a truly seamless experience is critical. It is about making life easier for the customer. Make it easy for them to recognize your brand and seamlessly move from one device to the other without interruption, from visiting your website to visiting your place of business, the experience should be completely flawless.

Every time a client interacts with your brand, it should be a completely seamless experience. Your brand should consistently deliver an equal or better service to keep customers engaged and coming back. Marketing is no longer an option, it is truly a necessity. This, however, is not your grandpa’s style of marketing, it is a much more personal and engaged form of marketing that offers a smooth sailing experience. We can call it Seamless Marketing.

Simply promoting a brand is no longer sufficient. As we slowly morph into Web 3.0, the expectations are completely changed. People expect everything to be optimized for their specific needs and always available effortlessly. No matter where they chose to interact from, their experience should be flawless.

Technology today isn’t just reactive, it is predictive. By using marketing automation tools, it is easy to predict customer needs and how they will interact with your brand. While this is a step above the average technology infrastructure, it won’t always be just a step; it will become the accepted way to do business and companies who wish to remain competitive will have to take their marketing further.

All this is part of creating a flawless experience for the buyer. If you need help generating a seamless experience for your business, let’s meet.

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