Want the best? Consider outsourcing your marketing

June 04, 2015

If you are deciding between building an in-house marketing team or investing in a marketing agency, you must first be aware that there isn’t a financially feasible way for you to match the quality and talent of a marketing agency. Why? Basic finances. What’s the pricing difference between hiring a high-end marketing agency and hiring a talented in-house team? The core of a marketing team includes an analyst, a designer, a developer, a copywriter, and a marketing director to oversee and facilitate communication within the team. If you only have one of each, they must all be quite experienced to ensure good quality. As employees, you must also consider their salaries, tax liability, office space and equipment. If you’re like most companies, you don’t need to produce new marketing materials regularly. You likely have a few templates that you use regularly and mostly focus on production work. Companies and service providers that are focused on luxury or exceptional quality, absolutely need the best design, concepts and copy for any new marketing materials they produce. So this is the catch 22, much of the work you need is basic production, but when you need something new, you need it to be great. Well, that’s why marketing agencies exist. We basically build an amazing team and share it between a few clients. You still get the service you desire and need, you receive the highest quality level of work. Ultimately, you end up saving money. When you receive an annual projected quote of a quarter of a million for high-end marketing, keep in mind that having a talented in-house marketing team would start at about half a million and then you’d still be looking at additional spending such as magazine placement, digital ad spend, and any other associated fees. Oh, and don’t forget most extremely talented individuals don’t work as in-house employees they prefer the ad agency environment. The only true way to access this talented individual is by hiring a high caliber marketing firm.

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