How to Get Your Customers to Write Reviews

March 29, 2016


No doubt you’re providing the best service, but how do you ensure a quality experience translates into a positive review online? Many businesses ask for customers to share reviews, and customers swear that they’ll write them, yet many fail to follow through. Getting a customer to take the time to share his or her thoughts can seem challenging, but there are a number of strategies you can utilize to increase the odds that reviews will be posted.

Why do I need online reviews?

Consumers are increasingly relying on the Internet to obtain information about businesses. Reviews not only serve as a guide to customers, but also provide free advertising for any type of business. Your customers can be valuable references for people they don’t even know, just by posting their experiences on your public profiles.

Get followers on social media

Having a following on social media speaks wonders for your brand. A strong digital following shows that customers are satisfied with your business and more importantly, they want to continue that relationship. After you’ve worked with someone, you should think about reaching out on social media to thank this person for her business, and use this opportunity to ask that she share the experience with others. Additionally, when you share company reviews on social media, other customers will be more inclined to follow suit.

Ask your customers for reviews

Don’t be afraid to simply ask your customers to leave a review. Before you part ways with your customers, mention your various social media accounts, and recommend that they write an assessment about the service they received. You might even consider giving them a printed piece of collateral (like a flyer) with instructions on how and where to post a review. Still, there’s always the chance that the customer will forget or simply not be interested in doing so. In these cases, a digital approach to requesting reviews is widely acceptable nowadays.

Send a follow up email

It’s good to have a system in place which allows you to easily send an email after working with a client to ask for a review. Many email marketing platforms even have templates in place that make requesting an evaluation of your company as easy as pressing a few buttons. It’s important to make sure the process is easy for your customers, so provide the necessary links in the email to simplify it.

Utilize the right platforms

Customers use a number of platforms to research businesses. Some of the most popular choices include Yelp, Facebook and Angie’s List, but there are countless other places a potential customer might look to learn about your brand. In order to familiarize your customers with the platforms your business has a presence on, include links to your profiles on your company website and in your email signature.

Spread the word

There seems to be a common fear of being the first person to write a review. If you want your customers to share their experiences, make sure they know that others have already done so. Not only that, but those who take the time to review your company like to know that they’re being heard. Give your reviewers some recognition by featuring testimonials on your website and sharing them on social media.

Keep it honest

If you want your customers to take the time to review your business, don’t allow for unauthentic reviews to be posted. You should never pay for a review, nor should you write your own. In order for customers to trust and respect the evaluations your company receives online, they must appear to be genuine.

If your business is struggling to produce quality reviews online, you’ll benefit from enlisting the help of a marketing agency. At Keenability, our team of expert marketers will craft a prime strategy for generating reviews to boost your business. Give us a call today to get started.

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