How to establish branding for your brokerage firm

May 07, 2015

These days, consumers are quite savvy due to all the resources available to them. There’s also a lot of competition targeting home buyers in their 30s and 40s. As a brokerage firm, its your responsibility to reach these buyers and build a trusting relationship with them. Forming a relationship before they’re even ready to buy is key to creating loyalty from the group. Tech-savvy buyers are tired of having ads thrown at them, they’ve also developed the ability to block out these types of messages. Thus, the tone with which you approach them has to be genuine. As a business, you need to offer them something in return for their loyalty. Before you start offering, you need to establish your company’s brand. What is branding? A company brand is like saying the personality of the brand. Assign characteristics such as those you would to a person. Is the company voice honest and straightforward or is it friendly and nice? Regardless of the voice and traits you choose for your brokerage firm, the one thing that it must do is be transparent. As previously mentioned, today’s consumer ignores noise. Noise is any advertising that overtly sells and offers nothing of value. They ignore the sales tactics because they know that when they are ready for your services, they’ll be able to find you. Of course, knowing this and finding other ways of nurturing relationships before they become active consumers gives your company the upper hand.

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