How Should I Market My Law Firm

July 19, 2016

How should i market my law firm

There are many ways for attorneys to market themselves and many do, but lack of originality seems to be their trademark. If your logo is a gavel or the scales of justice, think again. Every other attorney has that same look. Go on, humor me…I will wait for you to do a quick search and report back on just how different you are from the first few attorney sites that come up. It is quite likely that you can’t tell them apart. Guess what? Neither can your audience.

We should probably start at the beginning. Below is a step by step guide for your use.


1. Understand your target

You must first begin by understanding your target audience. Do you know who they are? What is their average age?  Are they very sophisticated or just the opposite? What do they do for fun? Where are they most likely to find you? Create about five prospective clients and give them a personality. Figure out exactly who they are. This will help you create a look and build a website that matches your audience.

2. Build a brand

Once you understand your audience, you can build a tailor-made brand as individualized as your target.  This brand should be trustworthy, professional, and memorable. Under no circumstances will you use a clipart logo. If you are looking for someone to get you out of a bad situation, you want to make sure this person is worthy of your trust. Remember, that the majority of people seeking an attorney are not doing so for fun, they are in desperate need of help. People in trouble are usually guided by very strong emotions, so they won’t go with an attorney that doesn’t feel right. This comes from the overall brand look and messaging. How you position your firm will have a direct impact on how your potential clients feel when they land on your website.

3. Find your voice

Allowing your voice to speak loud and clear is critical.  Are you stern, easy going, laid back, by the book, or extremely personal? Whatever defines you and your firm should come across to your clients. If you are an extremely relaxed attorney, but your website and all your marketing materials feel stuffy, you might not attract the right fit for you. There is a group of people looking for an attorney that is a bit more relaxed and if they don’t get that from you, they’ll go to the next law firm site which hopefully doesn’t portray its persona through the scales of justice.

4. Be accepting

Yes, in order for you to market your law firm well, you must accept that you are an attorney, not a marketer. That’s right. You know law, not marketing. The sooner you can accept this, the better your relationship will be with your agency, but also the more helpful they can be. If you don’t let the professionals do what they do best, your marketing won’t achieve the maximum level of success.

You are likely amazing in court, but you probably aren’t going to write a killer blog any time soon. It isn’t just about knowing grammar or language mechanics, it is about understanding your audience, and writing for them. It is also about keeping the firm’s voice and writing constantly. Unless blog writing is your job, you most likely don’t have the time for it.

5. Only practice white hat SEO

Make sure that you are using legitimate SEO practices. If you are told that you can obtain a high ranking in a few weeks, run for the hills. While some things may get you a quick upshot, they will have a negative long-term effect on your site and its ranking.

There is a lot more to SEO than keywords, and if all the prospective company talks about is keywords, consider that a red flag. Make sure that the company you hire has a solid SEO plan that includes: running reports, researching trending topics, analyzing site speed, optimizing your site for desktop and mobile, indexing your site, adding the proper amount of new content, and so much more.

6. Content, content, content

The best way to connect with your audience is to have an emotional impact. This can happen through blogging, video content, and interesting articles. There are plenty of ways to connect with your audience to make the necessary emotional connection to convert them into clients.

When you speak to your audience directly and connect with them on issues that matter to them, you are more likely to get them to respond.  If you can offer them unique information or add something that sets you apart — do that.  Ultimately, your goal for creating content is two-fold, connecting with clients and having the content shared.

7. Consistent communication

Most attorneys specialize in more than one practice area, so the potential exists for your present and past clients to be future clients. For example, let’s say you represent a client in a divorce and a few years later that client gets hurt and needs an attorney. Who is that client going to turn to? Probably the first attorney that comes to mind. Does he/she still remember you?  Guess what? People forget. Unless you are doing something to stay top of mind, you won’t get that client back.  A good way to avoid this is by sending monthly email newsletters that are informative and cover a variety of topics, or by connecting with your audience on social media. Every so often you can even send them something by regular mail.

Some final words..

Do your homework before hiring a company to handle your strategic marketing and be vigilant during and after the revamping of your public image.  Additionally, make sure that you are covered in all the above points, and most importantly that you are working with someone reputable like our South Florida marketing agency. Now, be bold and go get some business.


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