How “Rich Answers” Are Affecting Your SEO

August 24, 2016

How rich answers are affecting your seo

If you’ve never heard of “rich answers” before, then you’re probably not too familiar with the SEO world just yet. For those who are just starting out, rich answers are definitions, charts, snippets, tables, and forms used by Google that provide direct information to users. Suppose you wanted to know what year Abraham Lincoln became President and typed that question into a Google search bar, Google’s rich answer would give you a quick response: November 6, 1860.

So, why should rich answers be on your radar? To make it short and sweet, this search feature is here to stay, so you’d better find a way to use it to your advantage. According to AudienceBloom, rich answers have grown by 9 percent in the past year, a number that is sure to continue increasing with time. This finding has some brands questioning whether users who are searching for quick answers will still visit their site, and whether or not users will stay on the site long enough to learn about their brand if they do visit. To those companies, we say fear not — the reported reduction in traffic hasn't proven to be significant enough to weaken your website’s value.

Making Rich Answers Your Answers

Google may seem like it knows everything, but at its core it’s still a master aggregator. Every piece of information the search engine pulls comes from other sources. Which means, yes, your brand could indeed be that source. The question then becomes: how? The more concise and relevant you are in supplying the answers Google users seek, the higher your chances are of being featured in the rich answers given by Google. To improve your chances even more, strengthen your domain authority by linking out to reputable sources within your site and implement a strong SEO strategy.

Shine on Search With SEO

The most useful and productive SEO strategies to focus on include increasing micro-formatting and diminishing your company’s dependency on common question content. It’s best to use the proper micro-formatting tools, so Google can easily and efficiently understand and format your information. You should also seek to supply various forms of information on your site, rather than the common FAQ pages of the past. Answer specific questions in a thorough manner, without explicitly stating those questions. Google and your users will respond well to this method.

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