When should you see results from inbound marketing?

May 21, 2015

We’d love the answer to be ‘right away,’ but that isn’t the reality. Regardless of the investment amount or whom you hire to do your marketing, the results will never be instant. The good news is that, even though results are not immediate, inbound marketing efforts yield exponential long-term benefits. While every industry is slightly different, the average time needed to see results from strategic marketing ranges from three to six months. If you are using only inbound marketing practices, then the results could be lengthier, with a six to nine month average. Of course, not every company is the same and some will see results before the three months, while others will have to wait longer. These days marketing is all about building relationships with your audience. If you have been lucky enough to enjoy a long-term relationship, you know firsthand that it takes time to develop. Remember, marketing is a marathon not a sprint. Once you have built momentum, you can use it to propel your company further, at which point your inbound marketing just continues to grow. Keep in mind that the preliminary steps alone can take up to a few months to execute. In order for your marketing to be effective, it must be well thought out and researched. Prior to the marketing execution phase you’ll need to invest time for research and strategy. Without the proper research your marketing won’t be effective, so we don’t recommend that you ever skip this portion of the process. Even if you need results right away, it’s better to take a little longer planning a strategy that will yield results, than spending time and money on something that won’t work. Another factor that will determine how fast results are achieved, is how long the company has been out of the marketing game. If it has been a while since the company was actively marketed, then the amount of time could be even greater. Marketing builds upon itself, if you allow your marketing to become completely stale, then it will take a greater amount of energy to get you started. There are several factors that could affect the time it takes for marketing to take effect, but once it does, the results will be well worth it. If you have specific questions on your business or would like an assessment of your current marketing practices, then email us.

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