Tom Taylor had a problem with no solution: his brand did not demonstrate his business, FitExec ROI, as a leader in the wellness industry, but rather as another gym in South Florida. Like most start-ups, Tom did not have an established brand yet and needed a powerful strategy that could position FitExec as a trusted company for high-level executives. His target audience of executives most likely have neglected their health, feel they couldn’t find the time, or flat out do not recognize the connection between internal and external wellness. He needed to convey this message to prospective clients and provide a solution.


“Keenability has been able to take my business vision and deconstruct it down into a brand and website that has a clear marketing message. Thanks to them, I feel confident I will be able to positively impact the lives of thousands of people. They are responsive with quick turnaround time, seek to understand me and my vision, and close the loop on projects so we can move on to the next. I highly recommend you give them a call and explore the opportunity for your business pursuits!”

— Thomas Taylor



Tom needed a brand that could properly communicate the idea that optimizing physical, mental, and emotional health can lead to increased productivity and overall life satisfaction. He had a great vision for FitExec. Tom Taylor founded FitExec to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and linchpin employees achieve deep physical and mental health, light their energy, purpose and passion on fire, and create well-rounded lives. However, he was lacking an effective marketing strategy that could bring that vision to life. That’s where we came in.

A significant step in Tom’s branding process was to create a unique and distinctive logo. The logo for FitExec was inspired by neuroplasticity - where it resembles half a brain in the primary iteration of the logo but can change as it is applied to different branches of the business. In essence, the logo concept was based on the idea of organic change.



In order to capture and share Tom’s message, we created a modern, interactive website that was mobile-friendly and could hold the attention span of his successful, time-strapped clientele. Tom needed a website that was simple and straightforward in order to appeal to his target audience. To execute this, the content on his website had to be exciting and communicate through easy to understand infographics.



Due to the fact that Tom’s concepts are esoteric and can be hard to present in written form, our design team produced branded infographics. We worked closely to gain a full understanding of these concepts in order to help Tom’s clients interpret and find value in them with no prior knowledge. One of the main obstacles our team encountered during this endeavor was the fact that Tom’s company was very unique. We had to be able to educate his audience on what FitExec was and establish the tone and message of Tom’s brand. To this day, Tom not only discusses these concepts with his clients, but also prints the infographics as visual aides.



It was also essential we create physical collateral in the form of branded business cards, shirts, and brochures to cultivate brand recognition. Effective branded collateral establishes trust between the brand and consumer. With a powerful brand and digital strategy, our team was able to create a strong partnership with Tom and we continue to support him as he grows his business in this highly sought-after niche.