In the midst of developing an extensive branding strategy, there was also the immediate need for press and trade show materials. While simultaneously researching FaceSoft’s history, evaluating their audience, and crafting a brand identity, Keenability was also pitching press releases, hand-crafting the trade show booth, and creating content for all collateral materials. While challenging, both the rebrand and trade show materials resulted in a beautiful, unique, and effective marketing and sales strategy.


"Recently, I committed to a trade show that was 2 weeks away and I had no creative for my booth. Keenability provided a package that included strong, strategic, and impactful creative. Their team even designed and built a display wall for our products which drew retail attendees into our booth! Keenability understood my deadline and cost challenges; they kept costs down to a minimum.
Great job! "

Christopher Nemeth

FaceSoft had reached a critical point and Chris decided to embrace the fact that without a successful marketing strategy, he would never see the success that he knew his towels were capable of achieving.



When his towels were finally ready for the world to enjoy, Chris quickly came to the realization that Facesoft was in desperate need of a rebrand due to the absence of a company purpose, message, vision, and overall professional look and feel. However, he didn’t have the time needed for basic sales efforts, much less to develop a strong brand identity, produce consistent marketing campaigns, or execute a complete rebrand.


Logo Suite

Once the new brand was approved, the second phase began: tackling all creative with the company’s new identity. The new logo, tagline, and color palette were strategically implemented across all marketing templates, along with all copy to the support the new messaging. Here, the brand was brought to life. 



Did we mention that a website was also being built? FaceSoft’s original website reflected the old, immature brand and was built more as a portal for sales from influencers. Keenability set out to develop a new site from scratch with the goals to generate consumer sales, act as a lead-generation tool, and communicate the new and improved brand voice, look, and messaging. After the website’s site plan and wire frame were designed, and the copywriting and SEO properly prepared, the final phase was to code up the front and back end. 


Final Product