Easter is over, but the real estate season isn’t over

April 09, 2015

Easter and Passover have gone, but there are still plenty of homes available for sale in the Palm Beaches. So what now? Do those homes simply sit there collecting dust until October rolls around? Over the past several weeks, the number of homes listed in the Palm Beach Board of Realtor MLS has increased to 140. That’s a pretty high number of homes still available for sale. In fact, that number is much higher than what it was in October. What does that mean? It is time for real estate agents and brokers to go online. As most buyers are likely traveling during the summer, online promotion makes the most sense. This is a great way to reach buyers who have gone north and simultaneously reach international buyers. There are plenty of ways to reach this target:

  • Rich Emails
  • Digital Display Ads
  • Search Engine Ads
  • Content Strategy (including blog and social media)
  • Use of excellent high quality photos
  • Use of great video
All this helps to promote your listings, no matter where your audience is located. They don’t have to be in their Palm Beach home to see your listing ads. You can also leverage the international buyers. There is no rule stating that homes won’t sell after the season is over. Last summer there were plenty of homes that sold between June and August. With so much inventory this year, real estate agents and brokers should keep busy all summer long.

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