Don’t overextend yourself or your marketing

April 05, 2015

Every good idea that you see doesn’t have to be added to your marketing plan. It’s easy to get excited and carried away when you see a new website or a unique advertisement, but it’s best to stick to your marketing plan. There are times of course, when a shift from the marketing plan is essential, but it should be based on evaluation and not a mere whim. If you are already working with a marketing agency, allow them to evaluate and offer guidance on anything new you are considering. It isn’t wise to jump into anything or make any decisions without the expertise of your marketing partner. On the other hand, if you don’t have a marketing agency it can be a little trickier. What typically happens is that you become excited when you see something new and you end up with several different companies handling small pieces of your marketing. When several companies are tasked with handling your marketing, it can create inconsistency and a large disconnect amongst them. As a business owner you are busy and likely lack the marketing expertise to truly evaluate all the companies you’ve hired. Managing one marketing company can be difficult; managing five is nearly impossible, particularly if none communicate with each other. It can send your marketing in a wide array of directions and create a poorly executed strategy. You surely are bombarded with offers and they all sound really good when you aren’t experienced, however, you might be spinning your wheels. This is a common issue we see with business owners. It can seem like the best solution is just to invest in everything and be a part of it all, but this isn’t a good solution and won’t necessarily work towards increasing revenue. The right thing for a business owner to do is to hire a marketing firm that can either manage all the marketing efforts or can simply carry out all the marketing for them. Consistency and careful planning equate to results and savings. When marketing initiatives are carefully planned the money saved is significant and so is the revenue generated. If your marketing initiatives feel as though they are all over the place and there is no strategy, then it might be time to consider interviewing several marketing agencies. Lack of knowledge and lack of time can make you feel pressured to invest in the latest thing, which might not be as good as it looks. A carefully constructed marketing plan can yield much greater results. Keenability is an ad agency in Boca Raton that specializes in marketing to the affluent buyer through high-end branding, marketing and public relations.

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