Do you need high-quality marketing?

May 25, 2015

Throughout the process of researching and interviewing several marketing companies, you may notice that prices between agencies vary greatly. We don’t necessarily want to say that you get what you pay for, but you receive different levels of service based on what you spend. Agencies that provide a better service generally have higher expenses due to staffing a higher caliber of employee and providing greater personalized attention. Where does Keenability stand as far as marketing? We believe in providing the highest quality of service possible to each of our clients. We also believe that the only way to position a company above its competition is with a sound strategy and solid execution. None of the services we provide to our client can be accomplished through ‘quick-fix’ marketing methods. Our goal is to apply our marketing knowledge to companies that want to take their business to the next level, and we know we must be budget sensitive. Instead of foregoing quality we take a more decisively strategic approach. Will ‘quick-fix’ marketing work for your company? Execution of marketing that isn’t well thought out can get you by for a while. It will certainly bring leads your way and there will probably be an initial flux in the new business that comes in. The pitfalls of these programs are the leads won’t be well targeted, and there will be a lot of wasted time and money. Receiving too many unqualified leads is deceptive and a time-waster. What good is 50 phone calls from people that found you through an online search if only 10 of them actually need your services and you’re only able to close half of those 10? In marketing, qualified leads are potential clients that find you and need your specific services. A qualified lead would be someone who meets certain criteria you set such as a specific geographic area, set of needs, and price range. Isn’t it better to receive 25 qualified leads and spend more time closing each one of these, resulting in a 75 percent closing rate? This is what we do for our clients. Our marketing firm focuses on the necessary quality to generate qualified leads. Would you like to learn how we can do this for you? Let’s talk!

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