Digital marketing trends that will expand in 2016

December 31, 2015

Digital marketing trends continue to evolve, and as 2016 approaches, marketers should be prepared for even more changes due to the widespread demand for optimization. In this day and age, there are very few industries that are developing as quickly as digital marketing; therefore, staying on top of the current trends is vital to the success of any marketing or advertising company.

Many trends are beginning to take shape in the digital marketing world. Here are some of the most certain ones.

Video Ads will play a much bigger role in digital advertising

The attention span of many individuals has become even shorter with the advances in technology, so marketers are forced to adapt to engage these people. And one of the best ways to convey your message to this specific audience is through video. For the past several years, YouTube has been one of the biggest drivers behind organic SEO, and it has proven that video is one of the most effective ways to market to a broad base of consumers.

Mobile traffic has replaced Desktop

Each year mobile platforms have inched closer and closer to overtaking their counterpart: the desktop, and in 2015 Google announced that mobile traffic passed desktop traffic in 10 different countries, including the Untied States and Japan. Every year people are using their smartphones more to search for automobiles, hotels, and even mortgages. Google responded to this trend by creating new mobile-optimized ad formats that will provide more opportunities for users to tap than traditional Adwords. In 2016, we will see an even larger emphasis on mobile-friendly advertising than ever before, and if you have not already made the transition, you are already behind.

Cross-device optimization

Many apps and websites allow you to sign-in using third party platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Using other platforms for log-in access allows for greater tracking and a better understanding of what devices consumers are using. As the new year unfolds, we will begin to see many more websites incorporating cross-device login capabilities, and in doing so, marketers will maximize their ability to monitor and track consumers.

Advertising expenses will continue to rise

With more demand comes higher prices, and it’s no different with digital advertising. Competition among digital advertising and bidding strategies is growing among digital marketers, so as more industries start to utilize digital advertising as their main source of consumer targeting, the cost of advertising will escalate. Additionally, since more users will favor digital advertising, the demand for ad space in 2016 will grow, adding to the cost.

One-To-One Marketing

Digital marketing has allowed advertising to tailor messages to specific consumers, and this will only be optimized by the variety of marketing automation software that is already available. CRM’s allow marketers the ability to track customer behavior and personalize messages to the consumer, and in 2016 these systems will become more discriminating and precise, eliminating the need for human involvement. The use of automated systems has grown exponentially, and as industries continue to adopt these systems, the ability to push consumers through their sales funnel will only become easier.

These are only a few trends that we will see expanding in 2016, but it is evident that 2016 will bring a whole new wave of digital marketing that will continue to shape the way marketers target consumers.

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