Did you forget to reinvest in your real estate brokerage firm?

June 16, 2015

Do you rely on agents to brand your firm? It happens all too often. Brokerage firms think a sufficient marketing strategy can consist entirely of their agents placing firm XYZ’s logo on individual advertisements, though this cannot be further from the case. Brokerage firms need to brand themselves.


Attract top-performing agents with brilliant branding

If you want to employ the best, you need to impress the best. A dated branding strategy will get you recognized by top talent, but not for the reasons you’d like. They’ll use you as an example of who not to work with, for fear of being an intricate part of your terrible, terrible marketing campaigns, or lack thereof. Agents who see a clear message, consistent branding and a sound marketing strategy, will want to align themselves with you because they too see the potential of your firm.

Even after you hire an agency to brand your firm, the marketing strategy they execute will increase your brand awareness, while also positioning you as a known leader in the region where you operate. You’ll be able to connect with the community, and pull the top talent. And to think, it all started with proper branding.

Common detriments of an in-house marketing team

Maybe you have an in-house marketing team. If so, it’s probably time to objectively evaluate their recent work. What are you really getting out of them with each successive campaign? Do they start to blend together, or does each have a distinct message and style? When was the last time you took a look at your logo and tagline? If the answers are nothing, yes, and over a decade ago, respectively, then it’s time to hire someone who knows. An agency who knows.

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