Boca Raton Marketing Agency's Creative Director Wins Best Installation

October 19, 2015

Ruben Ubiera, creative director for Keenability, wins ArtPrize Juried Award for Best Installation. The seventh annual ArtPrize competition received 1,550 entries from artists all over the world.


BOCA RATON, FL (October 19, 2015) - After a nail-biting, three-week voting process, South Florida artist, Ruben Ubiera wins the ArtPrize Seven Jury Award for Art Installation.

Ruben’s installation “In Our Element” was one out of 105 installation entries, which was then narrowed down to only five entries. A total of 422,673 votes were tallied up which revealed his mural as the winner.

The outdoor mural conceptualized and painted by Ruben will adorn the arched US-131 Business and Front Avenue NW underpass in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The mural depicts the history of street art as an artistic medium used throughout different cultures and time periods , including Egyptian hieroglyphics, Pre-Columbian codices, and Post-Graffism. Ruben’s prize winning mural shows his masterly use of light and color and has great proportions: the underpass wall measures 140’ x 25’, with the entire teal portion painted using aerosol paints. The fish were acrylic and X-Rite Pantone.

“When I first heard about the opportunity to paint in Grand Rapids, I jumped on it because it was another opportunity to take my art outside of Florida. It’s exciting to visit other urban ares and just let the people and culture inspire you,” says Ruben Ubiera. “I designed the installation to resonate with all of the youth in the area by tying in post-graffism and appealed to the older generation by including local landscape in the fish.”

Ruben’s artistic flair isn’t only applied to his murals, but also to his role as Creative Director. At Keenability, his role is to conceptualize and lead the entire design team to develop innovative marketing and branding for each client.

“Working alongside Ruben is an exhilarating experience,” say Laura Ure, Keenability CEO. “Creating a branding strategy or marketing campaign is never boring, regardless of the industry we are working on. Much of our design work is for real estate agents and brokerage firms, but each client gets the Ruben treatment.”

Keenability recently marked its first anniversary, yet the team has built a strong reputation working with clients from the east coast to the west coast. While Ruben is the lead for many of their projects, his vision is carried out by an entire team of talented designers, copywriters, and marketers. To see their work, visit: 

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