Crafting The Perfect Subject Line

April 13, 2016

Email subject line

Many of us dread checking our inboxes, knowing we’ll have to sift through numerous emails that have little value, just to sort out the ones that do. As a result, it’s common for recipients to go through inboxes quickly, deleting countless emails after a brief scan of the subject line without even opening them. So how can you ensure that your emails don’t go straight to the trash? Can you guarantee that your recipient will recognize the value of your email in just one glance? The answer is yes, and we have a few tips for doing so.


Determine What You Want the Recipient to Do

Before crafting a subject line, take into account what action you want to result from the email. You may want the readers to be inspired to visit your website, or simply be informed about a sale. Or maybe you hope that they’ll learn about a new development regarding your business, such as a new listing for realtors. Your subject line should convey to the readers exactly what you want them to do.

Keep Subject Lines Short

Industry standards tell us to keep subject lines at 50 characters (five to seven words) or less, and this is a good rule of thumb to stick to. Most people read emails from mobile devices these days, something which is important to be kept in mind due to visual discrepancies across devices. For instance, most cell phones will only display 25-30 characters for a subject, whereas computers will display up to 60 characters. Subject lines need to be created with these potential variations in mind.

Engage the Reader

Your subject line should entice the readers to open the email by incorporating the types of information that interest the targeted audience. Research shows people respond better to easy to read content, such as lists, i.e. “5 Ways to Get People to Open Your Emails.” These kinds of headlines will increase the number of opens the email receives, and also boost engagement rates. The goal with every email should be to propose some sort of value to the recipient, and subject lines need to clearly communicate what that benefit is.

Make Subject Lines Unique

Each email should have unique content, thus the subject line must be unique as well. If customers see the same standard, non-descriptive subject line each time, there’s a very good chance that they will unsubscribe from your email list. If you’re sending out an email blast of your newsletter, it’s only natural that you’d want to include the name of the newsletter in the subject line. However, when doing so it’s important to include a taste of the newsletter’s content to avoid repetition, as well as to clarify what’s different about this email, as opposed to previous one’s they have received.

Coming up with the perfect subject line can be time consuming, especially for someone whose expertise doesn’t rest in the marketing field. Seeking out a digital marketing agency to help craft and disseminate your emails not only saves time, but extends your reach and consequently increases revenue. If you’re interested in learning more about working with an advertising agency, contact us today.

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