Candace Friis

With more than 25 years of experience in the market, Candace Friis has established a reputation as a top producing agent, with a resume filled with luxury waterfront properties sold in Palm Beach County. Unfortunately, Candace was lacking a cohesive and distinguishable brand.

Candace consistently tops the Real Trends list of Top Performing Real Estate Agents, but was wary of the potential costs associated with her competitors’ brand campaigns. Keenability established strict budget parameters and a strategic outline of expenses, which allowed us to enhance Candace’s current brand through the incorporation of a powerful tagline and accompanying lifestyle photoshoot.



Keenability was tasked with demonstrating Candace’s expertise, and reestablishing her dominance as a leading agent for luxury waterfront estates. We coordinated and executed a lifestyle photoshoot, and used this as the basis of a strategic digital, direct, and local public relations campaign.

IMG_20170627_0001 copy.jpg

We tailored Candace’s photoshoot to focus on her way of life and personality in order to create an authentic connection with her clientele, rather than concentrating on promotional value.

Not content to merely show up and take a few staged pictures of Candace, we also produced the copywriting, layout, and the creative concept leading up to the shoot. Once on location, we handled all make-up, prop styling, and experienced the challenge of working with a dog, which was a unique but ultimately rewarding experience - resulting in many compelling images for Candace. Thanks to a thorough plan and emphasis on efficiency, we were able to provide Candace with enough images for not just one campaign, but four during a single day photoshoot.


Final Product

The ensuing campaigns enhanced Candace’s brand and amplified her success, ultimately helping her be acknowledged by the Wall Street Journal as the #1 Real Estate Agent in the Palm Beaches.