Breaking Through Inbox Barriers

June 29, 2016

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Email marketing can be tough — even tougher than one might think. Did you know that your carefully crafted emails may not even be making it to your audience’s mailboxes? The horror. The struggle to get a foot in the door with potential clients has caused some companies to resort to tricks to reach the all-important inbox. We get it, the struggle is real, but those practices can ruin your company’s reputation. That’s why our South Florida marketing agency decided to share some tips for making it to the digital mailbox without unwanted repercussions.


Understanding the Barriers

First things first, the patterned actions of users are what drive deliverability standards. Service providers carefully track inbox behaviors, allowing them to indicate whether or not the email is wanted. They often do this even if the recipient isn’t marking an email as spam. Just like the bouncer at an exclusive club, the service provider will likely turn you away if you’re not on the guest list, leaving your emails in the dreaded spam folder.

With that being said, those previous actions can come back to haunt you. How you've treated past “inbox guardians” will affect the future deliverability of your emails. You want those you target to invite you in, which can usually be achieved by asking them to sign up for your emails. This practice will give help you build trust with the email system, and your target audience.

Focus on Quality

With any email campaign, quality should be top priority. You should strive to create the highest quality email lists, email content, and service providers for sending your emails. Pay attention to the contacts you select for your campaigns, and hone in on well-engaged users and opt-in lists. Make sure your content, from subject line to email copy will resonate with your readers. And last but not least, select a service provider or email distribution software that is trusted by other service providers that your audience may be using.

Planning for the Future

After the emails are sent, you can start to predict what will happen the next time you run a campaign. Note whether your recipient opened the email, clicked links, or marked it as spam. These components determine your “sending reputation,” which is derived from your past open rates, click-through-rates, user complaints, and hard bounces. A positive sending reputation will let email servers know you’re a source to be trusted.

For experienced marketers, breaking through inbox barriers is second nature. If you’re struggling to reach your target market through email, reach out to our team of experts today.

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