Bold logos achieve bold results

November 02, 2015

Bold logo

A real state agent’s logo is often one of the first elements that draws a person’s attention, certainly one that enhances the memorability of a brand. Luxury real estate agents, your competitors, know the importance of a unique, personalized, and distinguishable logo. But, do  you?

The real estate industry is saturated with sameness. Logos of different brokers and agents have become virtually interchangeable with one another. In order to avoid falling into this pit of similarity, consider going with something bold. But, we are not talking about just anything bold.

A bold logo needs brilliant design

In order for your logo to work, it needs to be crafted by a superior design and marketing agency, not by a $5 logo creation company you found on the web. When a group of talented advertising creatives take on the task of rebranding your business, they will anticipate everything that will happen to your logo from that moment, and later on.

Different pieces of marketing will require different layouts of your logo and accompanying tagline or business name. You’ll receive a logo suite complete with assets for every situation. These will likely come in many different styles, such as vertical, horizontal, logo only, word mark only, and many more.

In addition to the variations of your logo, the creatives that mold the beginning stages of your brand will plan for different campaigns and marketing strategies that will be unique to your own brand. This is often why, once your logo is created, you’ll want to stay with the same agency on a monthly retainer to execute your marketing efforts for the brand that they had a hand in creating.

If you’re a real estate agent looking for a new logo and marketing for your brand, Keenability is the team to meet. Our tight-knit agency has demonstrated success in branding, repositioning, and real estate marketing luxury real estate agents and brokers. Schedule an appointment today and let us know how we can help elevate your brand to new heights.

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